Mark Black's Web Dev Portfolio

About Me

I’m Mark Black, and I’m a full stack web developer in Shreveport, Louisiana. This website hosts links to some of the projects I’ve developed from my college years to the present day.

At the moment, I work for a marketing agency in Shreveport, mostly developing internal tools with Python and React, but occasionally assisting with data science projects and marketing analysis. Previously, I worked at an established GovTech company, where I helped to provide VoIP solutions with Go and PHP for officials at the Parish/County level.

I like to program in my free time. Below, you can check out some of my side projects. For side projects, I typically choose a lean toolset, and prefer tools with small footprints, like Bottle, Svelte, or Preact.

I’m currently looking for remote full stack developer work, full time and freelancing. You can copy my email address by pressing or clicking here. Feel free to send me an email if you’re looking for a new hire, or if you’re just looking to get a website built.


Louisiana Covid-19 Trends Explorer

Visualizations of Parish level public health data relating to the Covid-19 pandemic in Louisiana. Backend API powered by, visualizations powered by React and Recharts. Allows users to select and compare Covid-19 trends in each Louisiana parish.

Gotch Bible Workout App

This single page app models the “Gotch Bible” workout system devised by Karl Gotch, catch wrestler and martial artist. It uses the Web Storage API to persist data across sessions and keep track of a user’s workout history. Built with Preact. Previous incarnations were built with Vue and React.

Old Data Visualizations

Data visualizations made independently during my college years, hosted on a page, made with d3.js and Bootstrap.

This Site

This site was built from plain old HTML and CSS, compiled with Hugo, and hosted on an AWS Lightsail instance.